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Labor Rates

Bicycle Service:

Our BASIC TUNE Up : $65

Every bike we put in our stand goes through a detailed 25 point checklist. This insures that your bike will be running in tip top shape. We want you to fall in LOVE with your bike all over again. 

We don't charge extra for older bikes, however we do have a $10 surcharge for department store bikes. They really are harder to work on. Think of them as a troubled teenager. You try to get them to do what you want but they never listen. You get the point. We still love them they are just a pain. 

Our BETTER TUNE Up: $155

Our BETTER TUNE Up comes with everything that our BASIC TUNE Up comes with plus we install all new brake and derailleur cables and housing. We also remove the cranks, chain, cassette/freewheel and perform a deep degreasing and cleaning. We then reinstall and lube all components. Your bike will LOVE you. 


This is the bees knees of all our tune ups. OUR BEST TUNE Up includes everything from our BASIC and BETTER TUNE Up plus we completely strip your bike down to the bare frame. YES! "we are going to get intimate with your bike" We then completely reassemble your bike using the proper torque settings along with lubing all the parts with assembly grease. This will ensure you and your bike will have a long and prosperous relationship. 

If you need something specific done to your bicycle please contact us at 801-546-2691 for a quote.